My First Year doing NaNoWriMo

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So November is almost over! I have finished writing my latest chapter in my NaNoWriMo novel. It isn’t finished yet, so I’ll be continuing until it is. I “won” it last week (got past the 50000 word target), and I wrote 57317 words in total in November. I’m going to continue to write every day, but instead of 2000 words my target will be a leisurely 1000. Early next year I intend to edit and publish the stories I have written this year.

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You can read the rough draft of my novel for free! Click here to find Chapter 25 (Part 2) and you’ll find links to all the other chapters.

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Felt.Buzz short story for the day!

I decided to try a new challenge today. To write a short story in precisely 99 words. The twist? To write it in three self contained posts each containing precisely 33 words.

You can find the story by clicking the links:

“Hunted” part one

“Hunted” part two

“Hunted” part three

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