Keep your eye on the sky

The drug has taken effect now and I think I see in your face that you suspect what is happening.
But it’s too late.
I help you off your stall and lead you out of the bar. The barman raises his eyebrows.
“Drank too much, too quickly”, I say. He offers to help but I say it’s OK, and he doesn’t push it. If it was the other way round, if you had succeeded in drugging me, would he have insisted on intervening?
I hope so, but can’t be sure.
After all, you’ve done it before.
“Keep your eye on the sky” i whisper in your ear as we stagger together into the parking lot. You do not know the significance.
You do not know that my sister had a poster on her bedroom wall of a wary duckling watching the sky as a bird of prey circled high above. “Be like her, Lisa,” my sister whispered to me, before she died. “Watch for predators”.
And I do.
I watch.
I watched you.
I watched you drug my drink.
I distracted you.
I switched our drinks.
You did not keep your eye on the sky.
You did not see the predator, circling above you.
There are no CCTV cameras in the parking lot. I knew you would have selected the bar carefully. I let you fall to the floor and search your pockets. Your phone is not password protected. I take the permanent marker pen out of my hand bag, and I tear your shirt open. I write “I drug women and rape them” on your chest, and using your phone I take photos and upload them to your profile on Facebook and all your other social media accounts.
I make sure I tag your wife, and your boss.
And then I leave.

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