Magda McFarlin (character template)

The Magda McFarlin posts are written by Bruce Arbuckle, posting as BritInFrance, on the RPG Project Zero on

Name: Magda McFarlin

Age: 31

Bio: Magda’s American father came to Northern Ireland in the early 1970’s. A strong supporter of the Republican Cause he married into a Catholic family, and was reported to have links with the IRA. He died in a traffic accident in 1984.

Magda was the second of five children (and the only girl).

One of her friends was shot dead (a case of mistaken identity) by a member of an IRA splinter group, when Magda was seventeen. She reacted by joining the British Army, the day after the funeral. She was ostracized from her family and community.

She has seen action in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

She left the Army three years ago, to join a Private Security Company, run by a former commanding officer.

Three weeks ago she received an encrypted email from a former Army colleague. Joe Kirk said he was concerned about security at the facility he was working at. After three email exchanges, and one telephone call, Magda lost contact with Joe.

Concerned, for the safety of her friend (and, from the information she received, the wider public) Magda took two weeks leave and booked a plane to Colorado. She hired a Jeep and (from one of her many contacts) purchased some weaponry (including a rifle, hand guns, ammunition, infrared goggles and thermal image weapon scope) and drove up towards SnowPeak.

A roadblock twenty five miles from SnowPeak confirmed her suspicions. Forced to abandon the Jeep, Magda loaded her backpack with all the weaponry she could and headed through the forests on foot, arriving on the outskirts of SnowPeak, eight hours later, having avoided contact with military patrols.

Personality: A team player, when there is a team she can trust, Magda can be independent and headstrong. She makes a stand on issues she believes in. She suffers fools not at all and is not averse to bending the rules and flouting orders if she believes the orders to be wrong headed (this got her into trouble in the Army on three occasions but was also the reason she was recruited by her ex-commanding officer).

Appearance: 5’7”, brown eyes, short dark hair currently shaped into a bob. Athletic, with good muscle tone. The lobe of her left ear is missing (a souvenir from Afghanistan).

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